Building Typekit on Relationships

» 17 Nov 2011 · Raising money for your startup is not about the money. It's about finding people to work with that you like and trust.

Wikirank: Tracking what's popular on Wikipedia

» 26 Mar 2009 · The first project from our team at Small Batch Inc., building a trend engine on top of the famed collaborative encyclopedia

Conference hack: Embracing the backchannel at Start

» 25 Jul 2008 · What does audience participation mean in an age of connected devices?

Who is John Snow?

» 07 Jul 2008 · Tracing the origins of epidemiology and data visualization to a SoHo pub

Stories we'll hear at the Start Conference

» 24 Jun 2008 · Who we're inviting to our little gathering

Introducing the Start Conference

» 11 Jun 2008 · A place for all the harrowing stories of starting a new company

Charles Joseph Minard's visual stories

» 14 May 2008 ·

Leaving Google

» 02 May 2008 · I've always swung between the big and the small and it's time for another shift

An introduction to 'Mental Models'

» 15 Feb 2008 · Talking to users in a structured way, analyzing in a collaborative way, and diagramming with clarity can transform the way you approach the Web.

The record and the bet

» 08 Aug 2007 · Be careful on what you wager ... and with whom

Fixing the Web

» 07 Aug 2007 · A pre-iPhone speculation on the opportunity and risks of broadcasting our location.

Raiders of the Lost Ark and the mystery of inspiration

» 12 Jul 2007 · Dreaming up solutions to vexing problems

What I've been working on: The New Google Analytics

» 08 May 2007 · How we designed what became the perennial tracking tool

Remembering Zork

» 11 Jan 2007 · My favorite puzzel from one of the earliest video games

Designing Google Reader's trends

» 09 Jan 2007 · Collecting and understanding the ambient information that flows through our digital lives

Five steps to a better design portfolio

» 09 Nov 2006 · Imagine sitting across the table from a potential employer and explaining your work. What would you want them to know?

Values and client work

» 31 Aug 2006 · Finding an ethical standard to decide what work we take on

Looking back at Hotwired

» 12 Jul 2006 · Reviewing web designs from the end of the last century

Designing the Friendly Skies

» 21 Jun 2006 · Even the best design techniques are worthless if designers don't have access to the very root of the problems they're trying to solve.

People writing on the web

» 19 Jun 2006 · Spread your ideas far and wide and they'll pay dividends for a long, long time.

Jimmy Wales: Steak Knives and Human Knowledge

» 19 Apr 2006 · Wikipedia is a social innovation, not a technological one -- and it's messy just like the real world

People use software they like

» 09 Mar 2006 · When rolling out new technology, find the mavens and explore the grassroots

An Introduction to 'Web Design in a Nutshell'

» 07 Mar 2006 · We've come a long way on the web, but we also have so much more to learn.

Iterating features and getting them right

» 25 Jan 2006 ·

The Art of the Incremental Redesign

» 16 Jan 2006 · Are we reaching a point where the maturity of our Web design can start to approach the timeless?

Database Journalism

» 03 Jan 2006 · Could open data be the future of an educated citizenry?

Invitation Nation: Getting into all the new Web apps

» 25 Oct 2005 · Asking users to sign up before a product is ready can help manage scaling -- or build hype

Welcome to Measure Map

» 12 Oct 2005 · Launching the first socail analytics platform in the era of hit counters

Give up control

» 26 Sep 2005 · Web design has always been about letting content adapt to it's environment.

The Art and Science of Web Design turns 5

» 29 Jun 2005 · Reminiscing on a book that feels most valuable as a way of marking the progress we've made

When to talk, when to work

» 26 Jun 2005 · How separating the layers of any technology can help everyone involved communicate more effectively

Designing for the subtlety of Ajax

» 12 Jun 2005 · Looking for delicate solutions in progressive interaction design

So easy even a web designer can use it

» 15 May 2005 · Age has no bearing on how we use and enjoy technology

Blinking Out Design

» 28 Mar 2005 · Trying to figuring out how to harness the flash of inspiration

State-of-the-art interactivity?

» 23 Mar 2005 · The perils of early-century Flash design.

Two in the morning, Montréal

» 08 Mar 2005 · On the eve of a conference for librarians

Death By Powerpoint

» 29 Nov 2004 · How we present ideas has changed over the years, but the princples remain the same

Be Less Specific

» 09 Nov 2004 · Designing guard rails instead of error messages.

Making A Better Open Source CMS

» 03 Oct 2004 · Most open source content management software is obtuse and complex. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Best Practices for Search Results Design

» 12 Aug 2004 · Simple design techniques to make finding things easier.

Why Bother With User Centered Design?

» 26 Jul 2004 ·

MP3 Blogs and wget

» 07 Jul 2004 · How to automatically crawl your favorite band's website to find the music you love

Leave the Hard Stuff to Someone Else

» 09 Jun 2004 · On the early move to cloud computing

Driving the Next First Lady

» 07 Jun 2004 · The perilous story of my adventures in a motocade

Working With Blogger is Fun

» 10 May 2004 · Redesigning the earliest of socail networks

How I stopped buying CDs and started loving music

» 05 Apr 2004 · Imaginging a future where fans and artists can find their own ways of connecting with each other

Why Do So Many Content Management Systems Fail?

» 02 Apr 2004 · The best technology won't change anything if nobody uses it.

Will you be my friend?

» 29 Mar 2004 · What could social media become if we developed standards for modeling relationships?

I don't care about accessibility

» 17 Mar 2004 · When Web design is practiced as a craft rather than a consolation, accessibility comes for free.

Goodbye Webmonkey

» 27 Feb 2004 · A pioneering site that helped so many find their way on the early Web fades into the ether.

Seven Steps to Better Presentations

» 06 Feb 2004 · Public speaking can be terrifying; here are a few ways to stem the fear and give a great talk

The Rules of Unix

» 08 Jan 2004 · The fundamentals of the one of the oldest operating systems hold true today

The Business Value of Web Standards

» 18 Sep 2003 · Does designing to Web standards give organizations a return on investment? Does the transition to XHTML and CSS make financial sense? The answer to those questions is yes.

Why the Telecom Industry Will Fail

» 11 Sep 2003 · We have a right to the content we create, regardless of the hardware we chose to use

On Pain and Cycling

» 01 Jul 2003 · There is no question that cycling is a sport of masochists.

Brewster Kahle and the Internet Archive

» 26 May 2003 · On copyright and access to all of human knowledge

IA Jargon Watch

» 25 Apr 2003 · Every industry has it's own coded language. Information architecture is no different.

A Contrast in Urban Design

» 23 Apr 2003 ·


» 05 Feb 2003 ·

Joint Venture: Cobranding on the Web

» 22 Jun 2002 · Explaining partnerships to users has always been tricky to navigate. Originally written for New Architect Magazine in July, 2002.

Doing a Content Inventory (Or, A Mind-Numbingly Detailed Odyssey Through Your Web Site)

» 18 Jun 2002 · How to get your head around a website that's been growing for years.

Faucet Facets: A Few Best Practices for Designing Multifaceted Navigation Systems

» 04 Jun 2002 · How to design navigation for a world that's decidedly not heirarchical.