22 October 2003

The real news has literally become as absurd as the Onion's fake news:

Muscleman Put In Charge Of World's Fifth-Largest Economy

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18 October 2003

Am I obsessed with a critique of the trucker hat aesthetic? If so, what untold anxieties does this make manifest? I'm not sure. All I can say at this point is -- I rather enjoy this quote from a former colleague of mine:

"In case anyone hadn't noticed, a sort of flat, de-historicized
'aesthetics' of working class has become quite hip over the last few
years. Everything from 'Elvis Studies' in academia (no, not
the Don Delillo fiction -- the reality of academia), to 'white trash parties',
to hipsters at the Cha Cha lounge wearing styrofoam truck driver caps, and
gas station attendant shirts functioning as fashion on the cover of the
Spring '03 Push -- working class is 'cool.' Of course, the reality of
having your electricity turned off or not having enough money to pay for food
or your rent is magically detached from this celebration of 'working-class

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7 October 2003

The dismantling of San Francisco's Central Freeway, three months past.

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