How to become Emo

30 September 2003

converse, clunky black shoes, horn-rimmed glasses (or at least thick black frames), sweaters, consignment shop clothes, unshaven (boys)

the get up kids, the juliana theory, jimmy eat world, mineral, the gloria record, the anniversary, sunny day real estate

vinyl, a record player, hoodies, zines, etc.

(Thanks to Tina for sending this my way!)

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Fashion statement

29 September 2003

Text of sticker seen on telephone pole near Haight/Steiner: "Kill your trucker hat."

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Jamming the jamming of culture jamming?

24 September 2003

Does Napster's new ad campaign co-opt culture jamming's indie street cred, or is it a witty, self-referential critique of ads that co-opt culture jamming's indie street cred?

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Exit (again)

5 September 2003

After being back in San Francisco for just a few days, I'm hitting the road again -- this time up to northeast Oregon for a week-long bicycling tour called Cycle Oregon. What a healthy decompression from my recent hyper-experience in the desert: a week of human-scaled life at bicycle speed, watching the landscape flow by.

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2 September 2003

I'm back from my second Burning Man, which was spectacular -- and essentially indescribable. I like how Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Perry Barlow puts it: "The important thing about Burning Man is that it is the most experiential phenomenon I can think of. It can't be turned into data in any useful way. You can't informatize it by blogging it, filming it or taking pictures of it, because so much of it can't be translated into information."

I also like how a friend of mine described his experience: "I cracked myself pretty wide open this year, and don't imagine I'll ever be quite the same again.� I ran my soul thru the wringer and have come out leaner and cleaner for it.� Back in the office I'm wavering between a normal work day and periodically wanting to burst or implode. The lesson learned: burn bright, kids; burn as bright as you possibly can every day you're alive."

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