Pillow fight

2 February 2006

It's worked well in other cities, and now it's coming to San Francisco. From the craigslist posting:

It's not a flash mob, it's a


When: Valentine's Day, Tuesday Feb. 14th, at 6pm sharp

Where: Market & Embarcadero - Justin Herman Plaza, by the fountain

1) Tell everyone you know about PILLOW FIGHT!!!
2) Wait for the Ferry Building clock to strike 6:00pm
3) Don't hit anyone with out a pillow (unless they want it)
4) Don't hit anyone with a camera
5) HAVE FUN!!!

(Rain plan: put your pillow in a plastic bag, see Rules 1 - 5)

Posted by Greg at 10:49 PM.

On 3 February 2006 at 11:50 AM, Christopher Frazier commented:

So the question is... cotton or down? Oh, and zombies.

On 8 February 2006 at 01:16 PM, Greg Veen commented:

Brilliant! Somnambulant pillowfighters.

On 10 February 2006 at 12:32 PM, Sally commented:

I suppose it would be in back taste to slip a brick into my pillowcase? I want to win! Also - any tips on how you know someone without a pillow wants to be hit? I am guessing that if they either look at your or don't look at you - that's their way of saying "Whack me!"

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