A few wild minutes with Rogue Wave

6 February 2006

Ever wonder what it might sound like if those luminescent aliens from The Abyss were to write some crazy amped-up circus music? If so, it's your lucky day, because I'm here to tell you where to find it: just have a listen to track six ("10-1") on Rogue Wave's latest record, Descended Like Vultures. The opening riff's got carny written all over it, of course. But if you listen closely around twelve seconds in, you'll hear the first traces of the beautiful insanity that slowly creeps in on the song over the next couple of minutes. And then at 2:03 -- well, let's just say you could stop listening closely for the insanity, because that's when it casts all pretenses aside and full-on invades. The resulting noise is pretty wonderful, particularly when it all falls apart and gives up the ghost at 2:45. Listen to that thing wind down!

Posted by Greg at 11:57 PM.

On 10 February 2006 at 12:27 PM, John commented:

Your description cracked me up! I can't wait to hear this "noise"!

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