Applying for aid

8 September 2005

An excerpt from The Disaster Assistance Process for Individuals at

The information you provide is put into the computer.
You are now in the system.
The recovery process begins.

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8 September 2005

Monday night, as I returned to familiar territory after my fourth journey to Black Rock City, I was struck again by how much one week can change everything. Burning Man has always been a transformative experience for me -- each year, I've come back a different person. But this time, as I learned more about the extent of the disaster in the South (and about how it impacted the families of some friends of mine), I realized that the world had also changed quite a bit, in my absence. When I caught my first glimpse of San Francisco across the bay from the final leg of the drive home on I-80, it hit me: I will be living a new life in this new place, whether I want to or not.

That's one of the reasons I seek out transformative experiences like Burning Man. Transforming myself -- learning new ways to relate to the world -- is a way of equipping myself to accept and manage change. It's an attempt to grow more perspective, which, I hope, will help me make my life (and, in my more naive moments, maybe even some little piece of the world) a better place to be.

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