why is your email address all spelled out?


Good question! You probably get a fair amount of email that you never requested. I certainly do. On the Internet, the colloquial term for this unsolicited comercial messaging is spam. One way the people who send this mail, also known as spammers get our addresses is by using spiders. Spiders are little scripts and bits of code that wander the Web looking for pages that contain things that look like email addresses. When they find something with an '@' followed by a '.com', they'll stick it into their databases and include it when they next send out spam.

Thus, to prevent my address from getting sucked into countless unsavory databases, I've included my address on all pages here as jeff at veen dot com. You are a smart human. You'll know how to translate that into something that will make your email program send me a note. Spammers aren't so smart. And we can all thank them for forcing us all to take these extra steps.

For more information on fighting spam, see: