3 years, round 2

Happy birthday, sweet guy!


You recently turned 3 years old, and I can’t actually believe how almost instantly you have grown into a young boy. Last year, there was still so much baby in you. Chubby cheeks and babbling, non-sensical sentences. Now you are tall and thin (besides, much to mama’s relief, that adorable pot belly you’ve refused to shed. Still hanging onto a small sliver of toddlerhood!). Now you speak in complete sentences, complete paragraphs, full complete thoughts. Come to think of it, you never stop talking these days from the time you wake up in the morning (running and laughing and jumping from the moment you open your eyes, I might add) to the time you reluctantly read the last story at night and go to bed.


I love that about you right now. You love to talk to anyone who seems approachable. You love to share stories about your day to anyone within earshot who is willing to sit and listen. It is so endearing to watch you at a birthday party corner a mom or dad and just talk their ear off while your peers are off throwing sand at each other and eating cupcakes. You want to tell everyone about all the cool things you’ve experienced, like how brave you were when you got your blood drawn recently (you watched and marveled at the whole process), or finally being big enough to reach the peddles on your tricycle, or about one of the fun “treasure” adventures we’ve been on during a recent geocaching outing, one of your favorite new hobbies. You’ve got stories about it all. And I’m all ears, little guy!

The many faces of a goofball

Not only do you like to talk, but you like to DO. You love to tell people all about life, but you mostly want to be out there living it. That’s one of my favorite things about you. You are so alive, so vibrant, so willing to try anything. You and your sis get in plenty of mischief this way: dismantling and flipping over your toddler slide in the backyard to create a pirate ship, hiding under your bed together and giggling until I’ve searched the whole house to find you, creating choreographed dance moves in the bathtub that result in these big puddles that somehow neither of you can explain. But you’ve got this huge charming grin that somehow gets you off the hook more often than not. Hmm…I think I’m on to you, buddy!

Who, me?

I love to simply hang out with you. The cute mispronunciations like “ah-cuz” instead of “because” and “I not know” remind me that you’re still standing on the edge of two very cool, but different, worlds. On the cusp of graduating into a full-blown big kid, but still very much that tender baby boy who has always wants to snuggle and hug and sometime still sneak into mama and daddy’s bed in the night.


And of course, you loooove cars, trucks and trains. We were in a hurry to get somewhere the other day, running late, when we got stopped at the train tracks waiting as a very long train passed by. What a thrill that was for you — front row seats to one of your favorite things! It totally made me forget the stress of being late and focus on the joy of the moment, something you help me do regularly.

Smile, despite the busted lip

You also love all superheroes, from Spiderman to Buzz Lightyear to the firefighters you met last week. You run around the house yelling “to the RESCUE!” all day long and constantly try to save your sister’s Barbies from certain death, whether she likes it or not. You wear makeshift capes and masks and carry a plastic knight’s sword (all mandatory for the protecting biz). Thanks for always looking out for us! You are most assuredly a superhero in the making, and I feel safer just knowing you sleep down the hall from me.

Firetruck! Holey

Ian, I love being your mama. It’s one of my biggest joys in life. It’s challenging and rewarding and full of new adventures constantly. You rise to meet challenges — from speech training late last year to potty training just recently, you make each day something to be conquered. And I’m proud to know you.

YIP ~ Day 120

It’s amazing how far you’ve come from that tiny (well, relatively speaking) infant snuggled in my arms three years ago in the hospital to that rambunctious and life-filled BOY who only has time to stop for a quick kiss on the cheek before you’re off on your big wheel to explore new corners of the uncharted backyard.

Mama's lover boy

Really, it’s amazing. Just like you.

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